2023 Exhibitors

The following resources are available to Exhibitors of the Dunnville Fair.

Our Class List and Entry forms are available both on-line and as PDF forms which you can download.

2023 Class List

For the On-Line version of our Class List, click the button

A PDF version of our Exhibitor’s Book is available below

2023 Entry Form

You may submit your entries using our web portal, just click the button.

If you prefer, a PDF version of our Entry Form is available below.

If you use this PDF form, please follow the instructions below:

  • Download the Entry Form
  • Fill in the Entry Form with your information and the Classes you wish to enter
  • Save your completed Entry Form to your computer
  • Print your Entry Form and sign the line for Exhibitor’s Signature
  • Return the signed copy to us as explained on the form. (scanned copies of the signed document are acceptable – email to info @ dunnvillefair.ca)